Whale Shark trip on Gorontalo

Whale shark gorontalo hiu paus

Whale shark gorontalo, Orca (killer whale) and pilot whale on gorontalo sea (tomini bay).


this month october 2016 the migration and wave sesion has finish, the whale shark was come back on the marine park in gorontalo.


over load tourist is dangerous for the pshicology and healty for whale shark, bad management about the park of whale in gorontalo is the urgent problem, many tourist dont understand about this animal, the local goverment,hotel and the tourist sometime dont care about this problem, its very bad situation.

now there is Whale Shark Trip On Gorontalo marine park (tomini bay) its a Guaranted spot for waching the whale shark,because the local people and goverment give the food everyday for whale shark,so the whale shark just stay on the area of marine park,located  just 30 minute from gorontalo city with speedboat. there is 17 pieces whale shark on the marine park now.

before the local people dont care the whale shark and angrry, because the whale shark sometime make broken the net fish of gorontalo fisherman, every month there is big group,billion small fish come in gorontalo bay, its endemic fish in gorontalo bay, nike fish is the local name of the big group small fish, its the favorit food of whale shark, lokal fisherman take the nike fish for export to japan and europe, the nike fish have the mitology story in gorontalo people, since thousand years ago…in the gulf of tomini (gorontalo bay), not the migration fish from the another ocean. forbiden for kill the whale shark in the mitology of gorontalo fisherman, because if the whale shark not come on the bay,no nike fish come. the mitology was form generation to generation of local fisherman, very important the whale shark existence in gorontalo bay, because the nike fish for gorontalo people is the delicious food and tradition since long time yeaars ago.

5 years ago some group of fisher man kill some whale shark when the nike fish season,the whale shark want to eat the nike fish on the fisherman net,the whale make broken the net and the some fisherman anggry,they kill the whale shark, the old fisherman anggry for the young generation fisherman because kill the wall,they dont care about the forbiden mitology, the young fisherman just thinking about the money for take many nike fish to export to japan. the curse of whale shark come to the area,no nike fish go there until now, the nike fish just go to another area in gorontalo bay.

for our research, the whale shark in gorontalo has on the gorontalo bay since thousand years ago, folow the nike fish. but famous on toursm 5 months ago…but ten years ago, the divers in sulawesi has watching the whale shark in gorontalo,but they dont know the house of whale shark.

if you ask the old gorontalo fisherman about the whale shark, they can tell “they watching the fish every week on the gorontalo bay,when they go fishing on the center of gorontalo sea or bay,they will say, from they grand father also tell the story about this fish,”gorango bulan” is the local name.. the story of whale shark in gorontalo fisherman is very famous and friendly,because they watching every week the group of whale shark.

sometime also the fisherman watching also the killer whale (orca) and pilot whale on the center of gorontalo sea, there my friend,he is a instruktur dive from swisterland,his name Gonzak, he have the video of killer whale (orca ) in gorontalo. but i watching the killer whale when i go fishing tuna fish in the center of the gorontalo sea. “paus hitam putih” is the local name. thats we call the orca, and for the pilot whale we call “paus basumbur”.


before the whale shark just allround the gulf of tomini (gorontalo bay) for find the food, if nike fish was finish, now the whale shark was have the kitchen, the family of whale shark has enjoy on gorontalo,eat everyday…because since (3 years ago) the fisher factory build in some beach in gorontalo,the whale shark make house on the beach area, they eat the fisher from the factory, the factory dont know if the whale shark very like the fisher rubish. the local people say the whale shark come everyday since 3 years ago on the beach, the beach contour is drop wall, 200 meter deep. so the area is match for whale shark stay and many food.

tomini bay is the biggest bay in indonesia and deep sea (4000 meters). the size of whale shark  is 6 meter untill 15 meter, he so friendly to human, he not eat the human, just small fish and fisher…so you just buy the fisher and give to him…

its the unique and funny trip….so ..dont miss it… please supoort and protect the whale shark…

itenerary : pick up from hotel at 06:00 in the morning, go to whale shark park, snorkling or diving with whale shark

price include : boat on the marine park,transport from hotel, food for whale shark,masker snorkle,permits goverment,entrance park,conservation donate.

please contact : naturesulawesi@gmail.com


sejumlah-warga-bermain-bersama-hiu-paus-shark-whale-di-_160406140529-632 Hiu Paus (Shark Whale) yang berenang mencari makan di Desa Botu Barani, Kabupaten Bone Bolango, Gorontalo, Rabu (6/4).

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