The Ancient Sulawesi

Megalith sulawesi bada

The Ancient origin of Sulawesi … Big Bang on evolution theory,star age and atlantis mythology

describe By : Hendra WM (Sulawesi Tour Leader / reserach)

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Sulawesi islands is a plateau archipelago in indonesia, old and ancient, flanked by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean there are thousand of beautiful islands that have distinctive characteristics. There are also dozens of active volcanoes in Sulawesi, be it that active or dead, and there are also underwater volcanoes.

There are many types of metals and gems in the stomach of their ground, such as gold, silver, bronze, iron, nickel and others, for precious stones are kind of jade, agate, agate, rock petrified wood, rock crystal, turquoise (turquoise), rock amethyst and others

Marine life

There are many variations of hundreds species of fish and coral endemic under the sea, such as fish whale shark, napoleon, turtles, baracuda, tuna yelow fins, mantas, Sulawesi became a part of the heart world’s coral triangle, the coral triangle, which makes it a paradise for divers ,diving and snorkling in sulawesi is increadible experience, until now still exist many sailor tribe in sulawesi


there hundreds volcano in sulawesi archipelago, active and dead volcano, dominated sulawesi islands is efect from the vulcanic progress.


Forests in Sulawesi is a tropical rain early that stores the biodiversity both of flora and fauna, with species endemic, such as Sulawesi monkey (Macaca hecki and niagra), tarsiers spectrum, babirusa/pig deer, dwarf buffalo/anoa, for the bird species endemic such as hornbill ( knobbed hornbill), Sulawesi dwarf kingfisher, for the types of plants such as ebony wood , ironwood and others.still exist the nomadeĀ  jungle tribe in sulawesi raiforest, is the wildlife.

Wallace line

Sulawesi is the place and paradise for biodiversity and nature reserach, 250 years ago,the scientist and naturalist from england Alfred Russel Wallace come to sulawesi archipelago, he collect,write and drawing hundreds species bird and animal in sulawesi islands, there is also another scientist come to sulawesi in the pass for research about antropology, biodiversity and nature.

the flora and fauna in sulawesi is more unique,strength and beautifull (endemic sulawesi)

Megalith site statue and tradition

megalith site statue in sulawesi is very strength, hundreds big statue on bada valey,napu valey and behsoa valey in central sulawesi still mystery on the world,the model looks like in easter island-pacific ocean. some conclusion is the atlantis site and alien site

Culture and society

Culture in Sulawesi is the Austronesian culture in general, consists of proto-Malay and polynesia rast and its mix of other races. There are hundreds of tribes use the origin language .have many preconceived kingdom of tribes, Culture marine, agriculture, mining and trade is the activity of daily lives,the people of Sulawesi, such as fishing, making wooden boat, such as sailing boats phinisi,pamo, that used for transport and cargo, the people make mine for take a gold and iron in the mountains and rivers, for agriculture people grow rice, corn, cocoa, palm trees, cloves ,coconut and other spices in the plantation.

still exist the sea nomade tribe like bajau (gypsi sea) and there is also the jungle nomade tribe like polahi in north sulawesi (gorontalo)

Literacy, literature and art

Community Sulawesi have known and have characters alfabet, such a lontara alfabeth in ethnic Bugis on south sulawesi, Malesung in tribal of Minahasa in North Sulawesi,the model is hyroglif and petroglif, culture speak and write literature was already known, such as that in the script Lagaligo and manuscripts Maengket and megalitik stone carving, there are also characters who are still shaped hilograf and petroglif written in the stone and wood skin. People in Sulawesi initially using traditional clothing with a wide variety models and materials, as well have hundreds kinds of traditional dance for ritual.sulawesi people small part,they still living at traditional house with a model who is a unique custom made from wood.

Religion Tribes on the Sulawesi islands have life each culture, each tribe have a social and spiritual beliefs, with different types forms of religion, such as animism, polyteism, semitism, shamanism, religious practice is then mixed with Muslim and Christian afterwards. Almost every tribe tribe in Sulawesi believe about the spirit and lord (politeism and monoteism god), this belief still hold up today, especially in rural areas and villages.

There are many forms of religious rituals that became the culture of daily life, such as when going farming, fishing, births and funerals, there is also a tradition of mummy with burial in the cave, buffaloes become one of the offerings to the gods and spirits when religious ceremonies.

Art Society and spiritual

bambo music and wood music dominated the mainstream tradisional music equipment in sulawesi, until now in the north sulawesi,gorontalo and sangihe talaud people still making the music equipment.

hundreds traditional dancing for ritual and society present still exist with the music.

Megaliths and Metallurgy

There is the culture of megaliths and metallurgy in Sulawesi, such as making a keris,badik dagger, spear, sword and weapons other traditional made using iron and meteorites and Sulawesi islands still exist many statue of lord (politeism/dewa) from andesite and granite stone, and stone menhirs as a place to connect with nature spirits. As megalithic sites in the bada valley , behsoa and Napu in Central Sulawesi and waruga, watu Pinawetengan in North Sulawesi. There are also many relics archaeological sites which until now could not be explained scientifically, Sulawesi is a mystery that silence like a stone and the mountain that stood firm, loud, silent … To be continue …

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