Togian islands Hoping 8 days 7 nights

togean islands beach2

Togean islands hoping Tour, 8 Days 7 Nights ( Snorkeling,Diving, Relaxing,enjoying, Adventure, Culture,trekking,Sight seeing,photgraphy,research) Togian islands hopping (leave every Tuesday and Friday,every week ),start from Gorontalo city. just 2.500.000 rupiah/ person, cheaper but good quality vacation, we try to the best holiday… 

togean islands beach2

island togeanbeach togean

Togean islands have 192 island,there is beautiful island and beach,Marine park,Volcano,cave,Jungle, Local culture, good and beautiful souround. we present trip on togean islands for you, if you want to get a nice vacation and confortable quality, we offer tour packages on Togian islands you will no longer be bothered, bewildered and strees on your holiday if you want to get a nice vacation and quality, we offer tour packages Togian islands you will no longer be bothered, bewildered and strees on your holiday trip because all will be in the care of a professional Tour Operator & Travel guide from LOST ON PARADISE (Traveling Sulawesi)

Itenerary : Day 01 : Gorontalo-pickup at the airport Lunch in local restorant, and then go to the hill for see the largest Kaldera of Limboto Lake,

Gorontalo city life on the big Caldera, is the effect of the explosive big Volcano million years ago.. the limboto lake long time years ego have the 27 meter and the largest area/board, now step by step is not so deep and largest, there is land abration from the big junggle or bogani nani wartabone national park, because the people cut the wood and make the gold mining. there is many hot spring in the limboto lake, and there is also old fortress in the hill ,since portugis age in gorontalo, the fortress building from the coral stone , the Dutch Colony and the local kingdom in Gorontalo coperation making and developing the city, you can see the relic of the asisten residence house from the dutch colony and many building and curch from the dutch age in gorontalo ,

in Gorontalo is the majority muslim people,there is also the christian people,katolik,buddhis , confusian, modern muslim people,christian,katolik,buddhis and confusian is the majority on the city and the tradisional muslim just life the village, the tradisional muslim combine with the animism tradition,they practical the mystical and spiritual on the jungle. step by step the traditional , muslim in gorontalo finish..

after that  the participant Go to Gorontalo city harbour for cross to togean islands at 18:00 of clock

Day 02 : Malenge island-Togian islands

many beach in Malenge island is so beautifull, sandy white and soft and many coconut trees, quoite the island,good for relax.. Malenge is a special of the tropical island,beauutiful soround, there is coral reef,marine park for snorkling, manggrove board, cave,jungle, macaca hecki,hornbill bird and good sunset, malenge island close to bajo tribe island (gipsy sea village.),close to reef number 5 marine park and hotel california marine park

Arrive on Togean islands at 06:00 of clock in the morning,transfer  wakai harbour with the boat to Malenge island. Check in Resort on malenge island , breakfast, relax, on the beach,lunch..relax ,after it  snorkeling Trip to  reef number 1 (hotel california), see the underwater,and then go to long bridge in the bajo gipsy sea vilagge,back to resort,lunch,relax,sunset program, dinner, free program,rest..   

Day 03 : Malenge -Togian islands the  sound of bird on the island,breakfast, after breakfast go to reef number 5 for snorkling trip..after snorkling go to malenge jungle, find the macaca hecki (black monkey)  and then back to resort,lunch,relax,sunset program,dinner.. then go to the jellyfish lake, after that go to the shore karina beach, white sand that smooth , lunch on karina beach, after enjoying the afternoon sunset.dinner, program..bornfire, rest..

jelyfish ubur togeanSAM_2558

Day 04 : Kadidiri island-Togian islands breakfast,check out resort,transfer to Kadidiri island,check in resort kadidiri , relax on the beach, lunch, after lunch,go to jely fish lake for snorkling, you can touch many jely fish, not sting/dangerous,after that go to karina beach for snorkling,relax on the white sandy beach,then back to kadidiri,sunset program,

togean beach 1

resort cottage togean islandsroom resort togean

Day 05  Una una island (volcano )-Togian islands Breakfast, check out resort from kadidiri, transfer to Una una island (volcano island) , check in resort in Una una island, una una island is the big island,the very quoite island, there is active volcano there,rain forest jungle,river,hotspring,variuost bird,monkey,hotspring,river and the coral is beautiful and so many fish, you can see the scholing baracuda,scholing jack, bumhead parrot fish,eagle ray,turtles and many fish, is interesting also can diving in Una una, there is dive center in the resort. check in resort at the Una una islands,relax on the beach, lunch and then go to snorkling trip on Una una coral reef ,afternoon back to resort ,relax, 

Day: 06 : Una una -Togian islands after breakfast,go to snorkling trip in the coral reef, after that lunch..then go to Volcano jungle trekking and bird watching, afternoon back to resort,relax..dinner.. bornfire… free program, rest..

togean sunset

junggle hutan togeanbajo gypsies togean

Day 07 Togian islands-Gorontalo Breakfast..check out resort and go to wakai harbour,ferry leave at 15:30 to Gorontalo with the ferry boat,sunset at the ferry

Day 08  Gorontalo 05:00 morning,ferry Arrive in Gorontalo harbour and then drop off to airport,

You can take a conect flight on  11:00 with  LION AIR and 13:00 withGARUDA airlines) if go to manado Bunaken,you can take the car/kijang in the harbour,the price 150.000/person .


TOUR PACKAGE PRICE :  2.500.000 Rupiah/ person  (sharing group trip) please booking the trip 2 weeks before you arrive in gorontalo on july-august is high season in togian islands, please booking 1 month or 2 weeks before you arrive please open also us website :


All Include:

-airport pick up transfer drop off

-Boat transport,

-boat trip for snorkling trip and islands hopping

-Private Room Resort 7 days (standard room,Private bathroom)

-Ferry Ticket Bisnis class,Aircone room,

-snorkeling equipment, (masker,snorkle), is better you bring your own masker snorkling and fins, because some time the size on the resort is not same to your size.

-breakfast, lunch, dinner everyday, coffe & tea.

-Guide Snorkling, Professional Tour Guide (english speaking).

-Driver Boat,Petrol

-Tax goverment

Not Include : ferry cabin,cosmetic, ,minibar,Diving.hotel in gorontalo.

Optional : Diving : 25 euro/dive/person,

ferry private cabin : 500.000 rupiah/cabin (capacity 3-4 pesron,Aircone)

note : on, july and august is the high season, please sure confirmated 1 month or 2 weeks before trip/arrived, dificult the signal hanphone on the island





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Dock Office : Rumah pian Homestay ,Dolong Village-Togian islands-Central Sulawesi

Mobile (Call & sms) : +62 85398727779

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