Gorontalo Wildlife 3 day 2 night

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Gorontalo-sulawesi Wildlife 3 day 2 night

Amazing Rainforest and Endemic Wildlife

Please Protect the Paradise…



Gorontalo rainforest junggle has an important role for biodiversity in mainland Sulawesi. Forest areas in Gorontalo Province estimated 723 243 hectares, or about 59 percent of the total area.

Nantu forest nature reserves, bogani naniwartabone national park, paguyaman forest,Pogambango forest,Blonggodu forest,Eyato forest,Panipi forest, Mokotambi Bulawa forest, Tomini forest is a beautiful tropical rainforest located in the province of Gorontalo

Location of Gorontalo which is part of Wallacea biogeographic region (Alfred Russel Walacce), very strategic. This area is a bioregion boundary Asia and Australia that allow the development of distinctive flora and fauna that are not found anywhere else in the world. Maleo, babirusa and anoa is a clear example that there is a wealth of biological Wallacea in Gorontalo.

Gorontalo be special because it is located on the island of Sulawesi, the island with the highest number of distinctive biota in Wallacea. Sulawesi is also the region with mammals (mammals) are the most unique in Asia. Sohornya this region has reached around the world and attracted experts to study it. bird maleo (Macrocephalon maleo), towering Sulawesi (Aceros cassidix), babirusa (Babyrousa celebensis) Anoa (Bubalus spp.), Macaca hecki (black monkey), tarsier spectrum, are some examples of biological wealth Wallacea forests contained in Gorontalo

From the study of Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) in 2010 in the woods Gorontalo is known by 20 species of mammals, 87 species of birds, 16 species of reptiles and nine species of amphibians inhabit the forest habitats in the region. Even more interesting, of these species, there are two species of amphibians, two species of reptiles, 10 species of mammals and 36 species of birds that are endemic species of Sulawesi.

Gosong bird stake (Megapodius bernsteinii), Walik malomiti (Ptilinopus subgularis), tring-tring-yellow chest (Prioniturus flavicans), serindit half-red (Loriculus exilis), shrimp-red Sulawesi (Ceyx fallax), king-prawn-purple cheeks (Cittura cyanotis), red-neck flycatcher (Ficedula rufigula) and kepudang-sungu striped (Coracina bicolor) is a threatened species that is found in this region. Overall these types have limited distribution in Sulawesi or Sulawesi sub-region.

Gorontalo forest there are also many different types of plants such as Ficus Benyamina, bintangur (Calophyllum spp.), ganitri (Elaeocarpus spp.), medang (Litsea spp.), group virgins (Myristica spp, Knema spp, and Horsfieldia spp), forest mangosteen (Garcinia spp.), nyato (Palaquium spp.), various types of wood charcoal (Diospyros spp.) as well as the type of nuts-jambuan (Syzygium spp).

Several endemic species of flora and protected forest recorded in Gorontalo, among others Astronea gracilis, Dillenia serrata, Horsfieldia lancifolia, Pigaffeta filaris, and Arenga pinnata. There are also types that go Appendix II of CITES Appendix II of CITES is Aqularia filaria, Cyathea sp., And Gonystylus macrophyllus.

Based on literature review and field observations, it is thought the majority (56%) of tree species in the study area produce fruit and seed bird feed. The group is generally a major tribes making up the community forest. Overall, the forest area of study still showed a greater diversity of plant species is quite high.
Gorontalo is still there in the forest tribes who live wild forests and nomadic, they were still naked, only wearing pants made of bark, people call it a polahi tribe, there is also a dwarf human species which is about half a meter like a habbit, they also live nomadic and just wear clothes made of bark,people call it a bunian tribe.
The uniqueness and richness of forest biodiversity Gorontalo has attracted a number of international broadcasting to preserve it, the BBC recorded London, NHK Japan, France TV, National Geographic has been perpetuated, as well as media and national TV and researchers. Gorontalo forest is the most complete and the best natural laboratory in the development of science, particularly wildlife and flora endemic to Sulawesi.
forests in Gorontalo an ancient forest which is formed by the turmoil and giant old volcanology, Gorontalo forest still save millions of mystery and beauty that has not been revealed by the human at this age. (source: dbs)

shapeimage_3sulawesi dwarf kingfisherbabirusa macaca sulawesi gorontalonantu-frontbonesulawesi 041_Fotorrainforest indonesia sulawesi gorontalo

Gorontalo Junggle Explorer 3 day 2 night

Itinerary :

Day 01
Pick up transfer from the airport to junggle ,on the way the participant pass on the Bandayo poboide, is a Tradisional House of Gorontalo,the bulding from the wood, after that continue to limboto lake,good view in this lake, after that lunch at local resto, and continue to the gate of the gorontalo rainforest jungle (the gate number 1),

long road from Gorontalo city to the located of gorontalo rainforest jungle is a 1 hours by car, and continue with motorbike 20 minute, from the gate of jungle the participant walking to the located of the camp, the participant stay on the camp conservation and the tent,long road walking 1 hours, on the way the participant can see the variuost bird like a sulawesi king fisher,hornbill,red belid pita, varioust flora and giant tress,macaca hecki (black monkey), babyrousa, varioust insect and the beautifull jungle view for photography,good souround..

Arrive on the camp..relax..coffe and tea and lunch..
After lunch go to stalagtit cave and the hotspring,after that go to Maleo bird area,maleo bird incubate the eeg in this area,because the land have the good temperature for worm the eeg, the size of the bird is bigger more than chicken eeg, the campare size is 5 chicken eeg just 1 eeg of maleo bird,the participant can see the eeg and the maleo bird, maleo bird is the endemic sulawesi. After that go to the river,relax and swimming on the river..after that back to the camp,dinner..free program.

Day 02 ( fullday trip)
Breakfast , 07:00 start to exploring jungle,walking to the deep of the rain forest jungle, (wildlife jungle photography,Bird watching and photography,flora photography,giant trees photography ,insect photography and watching the beautifull view,feel the jungle spirit ) , lunch on the jungle, 15:00 back to the camp, dinner, born fire,free program..

Day 03
Breakfast,relax with the coffe and tea, 09:00 goto waterfall,jungle photography on the way, lunch at the waterfall area, after lunch exploring the jungle, 15:00 back to Gorontalo city, arrive on the city at 17:00,check in hotel, diner..rest..free program and the end.


Include :
-Airport pick up transfer
-Car Transport from/to city to jungle
-Motorbike transfer
-Three meals everyday
-House camp in the junggle & tent for camping ( there is bathroom and fresh water on the House camp)
– Tour Guide (english speak), Local Rangger, Porter
-Medicine, mineral water
-Entrance Fee
-Permits Government tax

-Conservation Donate
-Hotel in Gorontalo ( 1 night,standard room)

Not Include :
-Ticket flight

Note : Conect flight to Gorontalo ,from jakarta You can take  Garuda airlines,Sriwijaya air,Lion Air.

from makassar : Garuda airlines,sriwijaya,lion air

from manado : Wings air (lion air company) and Sriwijaya air





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