Trans Sulawesi Tour 12 days 11 nights. Keliling sulawesi

Start from North Sulawesi-Manado.

Please booking the trip before, in Sulawesi the accommodation limited.


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Day 01-north Sulawesi

Destination: Tangkoko Nature Reserve, Bunaken Marine Reserve, Tomohon Highland Volcano.

Tangkoko Nature Reserve is the Rainforest for Watching the Tarsier, Hornbill bird and Black Macaca Niagra.


Airport pick up in Manado airport,check in hotel, explore Tomohon Volcano,highland vilage,explore Mahawu Volcano creator,Minahasa Tribe Culture explore, afternoon Tarsius Tangkoko Nature Reserve explore…


Day 02-north sulawesi

Bunaken Underwater Explore,in Bunaken many varioust fish and turtle.snorkling trip in Bunaken marine reserve.

after that in the afternoon 12:00 of clock overland to Gorontalo by Private car, sihghseeng the North sulawesi Nature and quoite village on the road to Gorontalo….,arrive Gorontalo,beautifull souround,mountain and sea,,,long road 8 hours, we will stop 2 time for lunch and sunset program on the way.. check in hotel in Gorontalo, dinner,rest…

Day 03-Gorontalo

Pulocinta islands explore,island hoping trip, finding the Whale shark (we not guaranted will see the whale shark,because is the wild animal, but usually we found the whale.)


Day 04-Gorontal

Bogani naniwartabone national park discovery (jungle tour),discovery Black macaca (sulawesi apes)…,discovery rainforest research and bird watching of sulawesi bird…,is the biggest national park in Sulawesi, 280.000 hectare, is the house of sulawesi Bio diversity, the green world in Indonesia, the relic of Wallace.

. on the Afternoon at 18:00 of clock cross to togean island by ferry boat. Overnight in ferry boat.


Day 05-Togean islands (central sulawesi-tomini)

Explore togean islands, island hopoing trip,snorkling smirking jelly fish lake, hotel california reef,jelly fish lake, karina beach,

Togean islands is the part of Tomini bay, Gulf of tomini is the biggest and health bay in indonesia,is the house and laboratory of underwater world.


Day 06-Togean islands

Explore Togean islands, visit bajau village (sea gipsy) pulau papan, snorkling on reef number five.


Day 07-Poso lake (central Sulawesi)

Explore poso lake and waterfall,culture.

poso lake is the tectonic lake.


Day 08- Megalith Bada Valley.


We will discovery this Megalith statue and artefak, hundreds Megalith spread on three valley ( napu valley,bada valley and behsoa valley). Bada valley is beautifull valley,inside on lore lindu national park area.

Archeology office department from Gorontalo and saintis from indonesia university still research about this megalith site, local people dont know about this artefak,they just use mytology opinion about story of this megalith.

Day 09-Toraja (south Sulawesi).

Explore Toraja Culture, Stone grave, mummy cave.

in Toraja we can see the original culture of Sulawesi and austronesia Human story in the Pass


Day 10-Toraja

Explore Toraja, Stone grave valley, seeightseeng Culture.

Day 11. Maros (South sulawesi).

we will Discovery the Ancient Human Arc, the Hand Stencil in the Cave on Maros Karst Mountain.
The Caves in the district of Maros are a cave complex, where prehistoric finds were made.


after arc site we will Explore Ramang ramang ( karts valley).

Is the second biggest karts valley in the world after karts valley in yunnan,china.


Day 12-Airport Makassar…the end…

Price Include:

-standard room resort in the islands-( private bathroom)

-standard room hotel

-3 meals everyday,mineral water.

-transport car,bus and boat trip.

-private car and executif bus,air condition bus.

-Tour Guide and Local Guide

-entrance park,permits Government,local Tax.

-ferry boat ticket (cabin class)

Not include:


optional :
Note: on the road we will see the condition and weither, itenerary will change if the weither extreem bad,we find the alternative route.

For detail info:

email :



Trans Sulawesi Tour, (12 Days 11 Nights.).

Schedule of tour, you can join  :
December 2018.
21 december -1 January 2019 (12 days 11 nights).
January 2019.
7 -18 January
21 January – 1 February .
February 2019.
4 -15 February.
18 february – 1 march. .
. March 2019.
4 -15 March.
18 -29 march. .

April 2019.
1-12 april.
15 -26 april. . .
May 2019.
6 -17 May.
20 – 31 May. . .
June 2019.
3 – 14 June.
17 – 28 June. .
July 2019.
8 – 19 July.
22 – 2 August. .
August 2019.
7 – 18 August (Full Booked). 19 – 30 August. .
September 2019.
2 – 13 September.
16 – 27 September.
October 2019.
7 – 18 October.
21 october – 1 November.
November 2019.
4 – 15 November.
18 – 29 November.
December 2019.
2 – 13 December.
16 – 27 December. .


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