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before join the trip,please read the Rule of tour.



is the new Management and Rule of tour.

-if the guest/participant cancel on the way the trip/tour, or cancel booking deposit, now we not have the refund system,we cannot give refund.

please understand all the Travel agency rule in the world before take Tour package in Travel agency. Because before many tourist dont know the Rule. The tour agency no have big salary from the tour package price, just 10% from the Tour package price.sometime we dont have benefit because the weither and other situation.

in Sulawesi, the facility and acomodation in sulawesi still simple and just standard acomodation,and wild the nature. and the local guide not like in thw city, its wildlife tour guide and Nature guide,not city tour guide.


For booking trip,please email us

contact us: email:


Address Line Office:

-Dendengan , Manado- North Sulawesi.

-Tenda,Tomini Bay gorontalo-Northern Sulawesi.

-Biga ,Waleabahi-Togean islands-Central Sulawesi




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