Gorontalo 1 Day Trip

Gorontalo is the hidden paradise, many tourist just pass on this land because no information and the local people dont care…

The Rainforest ( nantu forest & bogani naniwartabone national park) is the real and wild life jungle. Good for photography and research.

The coral reef more healty,beautiful and unique, hundreds species of fish. Now there is 6 diving center in gorontalo. There is 50 more dive spot and snorkling in gorontalo,

Gorontalo have 150 beautifull islands more. Saronde island,pulo cinta island and many unnamed sandy white island,Nice island for relaxing,snorkling and photography.

Saronde Islands & Huha island Gorontalo

Bogani naniwartabone national park (rainforest jungle)

Pulocinta Eco Resort (pulocinta islands)

Map of Gorontalo

on island in gorontalo, all the people stay on mainland because no fresh water. The island still pure nature.

In sulawesi now just 3 area is protected and saving the coral reef and the animal, just on wakatobi,bunaken & gorontalo.

For tour 1 or 2 or 3 day, please contact us on whatsApp : +62 853 421 33 888 or email : travelingsulawesi@gmail.com.


1 Day tour price package:

Rp 600.000/person. ( minimal 2 person)

Rp 400.000/person (4 person)

Rp 300.000/person ( 6 person)

Rute Trip : Saronde island, Bogani naniwartabone national park (rainforest), whale shark point,  (snorkling), marine reserve,limboto lake hotspring.

Price include: 

Car transport, boat trip,entrance park, tour guide, tax.

Not Include : Diving

Note : please booking before arrive for availability the accomodation, because usually full the accomodation, limited.


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