Bogani Naniwartabone National Park& Nantu Forest

Bogani naniwartabone national park & Nantu forest reserve (rainforest wildlife,jungle tour)

Located in Gorontalo-Northern Sulawesi.


Bogani naniwartabone national park is the largest rainforest protected in Sulawesi-indonesia, is the heart area of Wallace line, house of the bio diversity protected, endemic animal of sulawesi house. the located in Gorontalo and Kotamobagu, total board protected the jungle is 280.000 hectare. is the best place for wildlife holiday and research.

this rainforest saving the tarsier ,macaca niagra and hecki (sulawesi apes),hornbill bird,sulawesi endemic bird,dwarh sulawesi kingfisher,maleo bird, babirusa,anoa.flora.


Natu forest reserve is the beautifull and ancient rainforest in sulawesi-indonesia and south east asia, is the best place for watching babirusa animal,many giant trees and eucalips of endemic sulawesi animal and bird. verry protected rainforest.


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