Ecotourism volunteers conservation project in Gorontalo-Sulawesi.

Nature for Future…

Every months we make Voulunteers project to make training and course about Environment care and ecotourism in the village and town of Gorontalo and Tomini bay area, education about ecology and the creative economy is very important for local people on the village,

for suistanable the nature of earth and human life and world balancing society.together we can continue this Planet.

30% our office benefit and our guide salary ,we give for founding to Realize this project in Tomini bay area in Gorontalo

On this month we try to manage some village in Regency of Gorontalo to make the conservation animal,rain forest,coral reef and make the Ecotourism village.its very dificult for us,but we love the Nature. Nature is our Religion.

Please suport us…

Save earth & stop War.


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